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Waffles have moved beyond the breakfast table into culinary mainstream. Chefs from around the world are incorporating the waffle with its wonderful texture into dishes served at every meal. Waffles of every shape and size and incorporating every imaginable ingredient either as part of the waffle or accompanying it are popping up on restaurant menus and now as recipes available for the sophisticated home chef.

Proper equipment is a major consideration to someone making waffles regularly. The procurement of a waffle maker that will consistently produce a quality product is really paramount, and that really isn’t difficult with today’s waffle maker offerings. A quick search at department and specialty kitchen stores or online will guide you quickly through the process.

WaffleRecipe.com present a comprehensive collection of waffle recipes for all occasions, from breakfast to dessert. Every recipe page offers a clean layout and crystal clear direction. Cooking tips, serving suggestions, and shopping helpers accompany every recipe. Find a classic recipe or venture out into something more decadent. From savory to sweet, you’ll find a recipe for your next meal. Be sure to come back often as the site is constantly growing.

Featured Recipe
Apple Cinnamon Waffles
Ingredients -
2 Cups Flour
3 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
2 Eggs (separated)
1 1/4 Cups Whole Milk
1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil
1 Apple
2 Teaspoons Cinnamon

1. Sift together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.

2. Set aside.

3. In a small bowl, beat egg whites until stiff.

4. Set aside.

5. In a medium bowl, beat egg yolks well.

6. Stir in milk.

7. Add sifted dry ingredients to egg yolks and mix until moistened (be careful not to over mix).

8. Add vegetable oil.

9. Fold in egg whites.

10. Pour cinnamon in mixture and stir.

11. Add the apples.

12. Blend lightly into mixture.

13. Bake in preheated waffle maker for at least 4-5, until crisp and brown.

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